MED Recumbent Bike - 7.0 R

The MED Recumbent Bike (7.0 R) not only puts comfort at the forefront of a patients experience, it also has been engineered for every single workout to be highly effective therapy for recovery.

Sitting in and exiting is made easy with its swivelling seat functionality. Perfect for deconditioned or assisted patients to be correctly aligned when sitting for their physical therapy session.

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The display is easy-to-read for metrics

Large, bright LED windows are easy for patients and clinicians to view important workout data at a glance.

Displays workout data

Patients and clinicians can quickly see essential, real-time performance feedback. Real-time streaming of patients’ data is also available for clinicians to download. Windows display time, rotations per minute, watts, calories, METs, heart rate, and power.

The seat and pedal adjustments are numbered

Patients can document their bike set up using the indexed seat distance and crank adjustments. With documented numbers, you can easily reposition these features suitable for your next exercise or rehabilitation session.

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