Proving our bodies
are capable of so much more

Patients' health progression continues beyond medical facilities. It extends to their home and into their care communities.

We believe that no matter your ability, everyone can progress to their personal best. So we work together with caregivers, therapists and patients to get people moving to their potential.

Who we are

Dyaco Medical offers the highest quality physical therapy equipment solutions to medical exercise facilities worldwide that is tailored to their needs.

Our research and development continues to create high-performance physical therapy solutions with a holistic approach.

So if you are a medical exercise facility, Dyaco Medical aim to do one thing:

We get your patients moving at their best faster

Our culture

At Dyaco Medical, we value partnerships. Not only is our equipment built with the highest quality and durability in mind.

But with the level of support, care and trust we bring to our customers and partners, our relationships are also built to last.

We strive to bring meaningful solutions to our facility partners, enabling them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

We bring quality in everything we do to transform the quality of people's lives.

Innovating exercise
for over 30 years

For over 30 years, Dyaco has been rapidly expanding its products and reach around the world to support commercial and medical exercise facilities with one formula we believe in:

Quality equipment + Quality support and care = Better quality of life

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Dyaco Medical is at the heart of physical therapy