Dyaco Medical is at the heart of physical therapy

Dyaco Medical designs, manufactures, and distributes professional equipment, tools and solutions for medical exercise facilities that serve caregivers and patients alike.

We work together with quality medical exercise facilities to transform people’s quality of life and support independent living for as long as possible.Together we help people become the best version of themselves, and shift from:  

- Injured or with physical therapy needs to better mobility and recovery
 - A sedentary to an active lifestyle
 - Active to fitter and stronger
 - Average to peak performance

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The highest quality equipment solutions worldwide

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Designed for both patients and clinicians

Dyaco Medical equipment has been thoughtfully designed with the most important needs of both patients and clinicians.

Our MED range, with their smart and minimalistic equipment design, provides the functional versatility to speed up recovery while patients are treated in care facilities.

Beyond this, we believe wellbeing through exercise, health and fitness is a lifelong practice. So our PT range helps engage and motivate people to make exercise an essential part of life.

Our technology bridges the gap through the seamless sharing of feedback between clinicians, patients and their care communities. Engineered to fully support people in performing at their very best, whatever their ability.

Affordable medically-certified equipment

We offer medical-certified physical and neurological rehabilitation solutions with a focus on symmetry and gait improvement via isokinetic exercise and evaluation against an unmatched value for price.

Our range of physical therapy solutions provide physical exercise metrics on which caregivers can analyse and evaluate patient’s symmetry and gait.

Combined with isokinetic exercise technology, Dyaco Medical physical therapy solutions offer an affordable platform that significantly contributes in achieving better outcomes each and every physical therapy session.

We care. On an individual level

Patients are unique. That’s why Dyaco Medical’s MED and PT product range fully respects people as individuals by personalising patient recovery.

Facilities can now become known for one thing: our patients recover faster.

That’s because our simple, reliable products offer the most relevant feedback, achieve better outcomes, and empower individuals to rebuild and maintain healthy lifestyles with the support of their care communities.

So whether you are using our equipment as a patient, a clinician, a facility operator or distributor, we will work together with professionalism, empathy and dedication. People are what we care most about.

PT Recumbent Bike - 4.0R

The PT Recumbent Bike (4.0R) has a low-step entry that is inviting and accessible for users with limited mobility.

Designed with increased comfort in mind for the user, including a comfortable ride experience with its reclined positioning for any user ability.

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PT Recumbent Stepper - 4.0S

The PT Recumbent Stepper (4.0S) makes upper-body only, lower-body only, and total body exercise available in semi-recumbent position to minimise impact on the joints.

Low impact for all users.

The linear resistance really helps to improve users'  arms and legs to gain critical strength and balance.

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PT Treadmill - 4.0T

The PT Treadmill (4.0T) delivering to those users' needs that regular treadmills have neglected for too long.

The 4.0T is packed with useful functionality and its quality build provides durability and reliability for commercial uses.

It's the little things that make all the difference, including features such as:
- Extended handrails;
- Easy-access incline and decline;
- Low starting speed; and
- Innovative programs for a wide range of abilities.

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Rehabilitation Treadmill - 7.0T

The Rehabilitation Treadmill (7.0T) is packed with features that reflect the true needs of physical therapists, this translates into patients feeling confident and comfortable in using this for their recovery in physical mobility.

The go-to piece of versatile equipment for medical exercise facilities

Designed with the highest quality standards, being awarded medical certification according the CE 93/42 Class IIa.

The 7.0T medical treadmill has several unique features therapists will love, including:

  • Low start-up speed of 0.1kph – one of the lowest in the industry
  • Forward and reverse belt motion
  • True zero speed belt lock – (others use motor control which is unstable)
  • Decline feature – we offer this as our standard option

Deck lift – for step compliance, plyometrics, ease of patient leg access for therapists and simple unweighting.

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Rehabilitation Bike - 7.0U

Comfort is ensured for patients with features like its oversized, padded seat that can also be positioned with precision for an effective ride workout. The adjustable crank lengths cater for patients with a limited range of motion.

Tracking progress is made simple with METs/Watts measurements and downloadable workout data.

Bi-lateral power measurements and graphical feedback are integrated also to carefully monitor asymmetry in mobility so therapists can correct early for faster recovery.

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Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper - 7.5S

The Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper (7.5S) brings accessibility to wheelchair-bound patients while still providing a quality workout.

This machine is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure accessibility for the widest range of disabilities.

Ability for upper-only exercise allows for increased cardiovascular conditioning without lower body movement.

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Easing the transition
back to the life they love

Dyaco physical therapy solutions are designed with the patient in mind to break down barriers to exercise with inviting, user-friendly equipment and program versatility that mimics a patient’s day to day activities.

Each device is fully customisable for patient fitness and activity level enabling them to return to the life they love living at a faster pace.

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Dyaco Medical is at the heart of physical therapy

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Useful exercise tips and product updates for all abilities.

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