Rehabilitation Treadmill - 7.0T

The Rehabilitation Treadmill (7.0T) is packed with features that reflect the true needs of physical therapists, this translates into patients feeling confident and comfortable in using this for their recovery in physical mobility.

The go-to piece of versatile equipment for medical exercise facilities

Designed with the highest quality standards, being awarded medical certification according the CE 93/42 Class IIa.

The 7.0T medical treadmill has several unique features therapists will love, including:

  • Low start-up speed of 0.1kph – one of the lowest in the industry
  • Forward and reverse belt motion
  • True zero speed belt lock – (others use motor control which is unstable)
  • Decline feature – we offer this as our standard option

Deck lift – for step compliance, plyometrics, ease of patient leg access for therapists and simple unweighting.

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Fully adjustable parallel bars supports a wide variety of users

The adjustable parallel bars offer handrail support for added patient safety. Adjustments can also accommodate users of various heights and fitness abilities. Bars adjust 63.5 to 89 cms in height, 51 to 85 cms in width, and the length extends to the full length of the deck.

Easy access with multi-functional rear step

The multi-functional, removable step provides a lower step-up height for people who need a bit more stability getting on and off the treadmill. It also serves as a platform for plyometric exercises and step compliance. The deck lift feature displays step height measurements from step platform to deck for these other exercises

Multiple default and customisable programs are available

With many features, this easy-to-use console displays and downloads important workout data. Feedback windows display METs, symmetry, cadence, stride lengths, steps, and pace. You can easily select either preset or programmable modes for diverse, versatile routines. Programs can interactively adapt to patients’ characteristics, using input info such as weight, gender, Vo2 max and HR controls as the basis to maximise their rehabilitation.

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