Rehabilitation Bike - 7.0U

Comfort is ensured for patients with features like its oversized, padded seat that can also be positioned with precision for an effective ride workout. The adjustable crank lengths cater for patients with a limited range of motion.

Tracking progress is made simple with METs/Watts measurements and downloadable workout data.

Bi-lateral power measurements and graphical feedback are integrated also to carefully monitor asymmetry in mobility so therapists can correct early for faster recovery.

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The console displays workout data

Large, bright LED windows are easy for users and clinicians to monitor important workout data at a glance.

The console displays essential, real-time patient performance feedback. Patient data can be streamed at the same time. Windows display time, rotations per minute, watts, calories, METs, heart rate, and power.

Adjust crank length to fit range of motion

To help patients with limited mobility or injuries, the pedals can be moved along the crank to accomodate range of motion as small as 15 degrees. Smaller degrees render smaller circular lower body motions, so that patients can complete a full 360 degree stroke during rehabilitation. Cranks are indexed for keeping track of how far you have improved, as well as for precise repetition.

Neurological pedals with forward and reverse resistance for retrograde pedalling

Our neurological pedals are welcome accessories that enable exercise in early stages of neurological rehabilitation. When there is limited control of the lower extremities, these pedals provide adjustments in gait and cadence so any issues with pedalling correctly are supported. The pedals are optional. Symmetry works in forward and reverse to measure imbalance in quads and hamstrings.

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