PT Treadmill - 4.0T

The PT Treadmill (4.0T) delivering to those users' needs that regular treadmills have neglected for too long.

The 4.0T is packed with useful functionality and its quality build provides durability and reliability for commercial uses.

It's the little things that make all the difference, including features such as:
- Extended handrails;
- Easy-access incline and decline;
- Low starting speed; and
- Innovative programs for a wide range of abilities.

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Intuitive, easy-to-read display and USB charging for phones

The new LED console features a big, easy-to-read dot matrix display, and three windows for readouts. This includes many indicators according to users’ program selections. Users can take in all of the information at one glance. The overlay enables intuitive operation with easy-to-identify colour contrast and quick buttons to switch between Fitness, METs, HR programs, and more. The USB port also allows trickle charging for cell phones.

METs program for physical exercise

Our PT range has a METs program for physical exercise based on a prescribed target METs value. The program will automatically adjust the workload, or speed/incline on the equipment, to ensure the patient is consistently working at their preset METs value. This allows the patient to be free from constantly adjusting their effort to maintain a prescribed MET level if the machine only has a MET display. The result? More enjoyable rehabilitation and better patient outcomes.

True up and downhill walking with handrails to maximise safety

With lift motors located at the front and rear of the deck, the walking surface replicates true uphill and downhill exercise to incorporate different muscle groups and tendons than flat walking. Incline and decline adjusts in 0.5 percent increments to fine-tune the program.

Also this treadmill is ideal for users who have challenges with balance, coordination and mobility, or individuals who are less sure of themselves on a treadmill. The handrails help to improve balance and better user confidence.

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