Rehabilitation Bike - 8.0U

The 8.0U represents an innovative advancement in the realm of neurological rehabilitation and cardiac stress testing. This unconventional system is replete with industry-leading features, including an integrated tablet computer and cloud-based analytics. It introduces an innovative step-through design and offers a range of three distinct workload options: Constant Power, Isokinetic, and Constant Resistance.

Furthermore, it incorporates a Wingate Test and a Power Distribution program, all easily controlled through a user-friendly 10-inch touch panel console featuring multiple connectivity protocols. This holistic approach to technology benefits both healthcare professionals and their patients, enhancing the effectiveness of therapy and the overall patient experience.

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Bidirectional resistance

It allows both forward and reverse pedaling for instantaneous retro-cycling.


The program will measure the left and right power  around the pedal rotation and display the watt  measurements in the console display.

Power Distribution

Graphsthe power distribution, in watts, around the pedal revolution.

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