Rehabilitation Bike - 8.5R

The 8.5R places a focus on enhancing hip and lower body joint mobility, thereby facilitating more effective rehabilitation within a comfortably relaxed posture. It introduces groundbreaking neurological programs such as Symmetry and Power Distribution, which contribute to accelerated recovery processes. The newly revamped 8.5R features a fully adjustable seat that can be easily removed, allowing convenient wheelchair access.

The 8.5R offers a choice of three workload options, including Constant Power, Isokinetic, and Constant Resistance, alongside the inclusion of the Wingate Test program and Power Distribution program, the system is further augmented by a user-friendly 10-inch touch panel console with versatile multi-connectivity protocols. These combined features provide significant advantages for both therapists and patients, enhancing the quality of care and the rehabilitation experience.

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Magnetic Resistance System

Oursystem offers a low start-up threshold, delivering a wide range ofsmooth, comfortable, and highly precise resistance levels

Power Distribution Program

Theprogram offers a visual representation of power distribution in wattsthroughout the pedal rotation, providing valuable insights into thepatient's performance.


TheSymmetry program is designed to assess and quantify the balance ofpower between the left and right legs throughout the rotation. Thisprogram delivers both a graphic and numeric representation ofleg power symmetry.

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