Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper - 8.5S

The 8.5S is specifically designed to support full-body exercise with coordinated, linear leg and arm motions. Its self-adjustable stroke length adapts to each patient's unique range of motion, ensuring low-impact movement that is gentle on the knees, ankles, and hips. All of this is achieved while maintaining a secure semi-recumbent posture for patient safety.

This feature-rich and ADA-compliant 8.5S is equipped with a removable rear seat to facilitate wheelchair access. It offers a choice of three workload options, including Constant Power, Isokinetic, and Constant Resistance. Additionally, the system boasts a range of neurological programs and features tailored to neurorehabilitation. The 10-inch computer console is equipped with multi-connectivity protocols and provides access to cloud analytics, making the 8.5S an ideal tool for both therapists and patients alike.

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Magnetic Resistance System

Provides a low start-up, smooth, comfortable  and precise resistance.

Adjustable arm length & Rotating hand grips

Arms are linked to the foot pedals for ease of coordination. Arms can also be used alone without stepping with feet.


The Symmetry program may aid in achieving a more balancedpedaling stroke for patients with bi-lateral  deficiencies, such as stroke patients and post-op  knee patients. The program will measure the left and right power through the pedal range.

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