Rehabilitation Treadmill - 8.0T

The 8.0T is a state-of-the-art, neurological rehabilitation and cardiac stress testing system, packed with advanced features such as a built-in tablet computer and cloud analytics.

Its design benefits both therapists and patients, offering the widest speed range in the market, enhancing safety with zero-speed braking, incline and decline options, a deck-lift mechanism, and the ability to facilitate forward and backwards walking as well as measure step length symmetry.

With Timer and Safe Step programs, gas cylinder-assisted parallel handrails, a 10” touch panel console with multi-connectivity protocols, and a cardiac stress testing interface, The 8.0T is a comprehensive solution for any therapeutic facility.

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The symmetry program offers fundamentalgait data along with graphicalfeedback. The program quantifiesbothleft and right step lengths and computesthe symmetry index.

Safe Step

This unique program governs themotion of the belt through step detection. It commences at zero speedand each step propels the belt at a user-defined preset distance andspeed. The belt halts upon reaching the specified distance,except when the next step is detected.

Speed and Grade

Provides the widest range ofprecise speeds from 0.1 to 22 km/hr (0.1 to 14 mph) in the market. Twoindependent motors provide true incline and decline ramping. It alsoallows for uphill and downhill walking from -12% to 25% grade.

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