Customise your treatment plans. Speed up recovery

Symmetry and gait improvement to speed up recovery

Movement and balance during physical rehabilitation are rarely symmetrical. You know that to best support patients to recover from injuries or neurological conditions, therapists must:

  1. Measure patients' asymmetry;
  2. Tailor each patient's treatment plan accordingly; and
  3. Track metrics easily to monitor progress

That's why Dyaco Medical brings a focus on symmetry and gait improvement in various ways, including via isokinetic exercise, and bilateral gait and power measurements.
Our range of physical therapy solutii ons provide physical exercise metrics on which caregivers can analyse and evaluate patient's symmetry and gait.

How our products integrate symmetry comparison and measurement

Our MED range addresses patient's symmetry imbalances. Features aid to personalise patient therapy so imbalances are corrected appropriately. For example, our Bikes and Steppers capture data around strength/power for both left and right extremities of patients.

Rehabilitation Treadmill - 7.0 T

Step-length measuring on this device provides an indication of how balanced a patient's gait is. By seeing numerical and graphical feedback during the exercise session, patients are empowered by seeing their imbalances and correcting themselves. This medical treadmill's horizontal lifting feature ensures therapists do not have to bend over to do gait correction or support. Now they can do this f rom a more ergonomic position, finally addressing therapists' needs for a change.

Rehabilitation Bike - 7.0 R and 7.0 U

Both forward and reverse pedalling resistance and power measurement allows patient's symmetry to be corrected in their quads and hamstrings.

Rehabilitation Bike - 7.0 R

Rehabilitation Bike - 7.0 U

Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper - 7.0 S and 7.5 S

Bi-lateral power measurements and graphical feedback are integrated also to carefully monitor asymmetry in mobility so therapists can correct early for faster recovery.
Windows display relevant metrics including METs, heart rate, symmetry and power. Programs include manual, hill, plateau, interval, facility, HR, and symmetry.

Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper - 7.0 S

Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper - 7.5 S

Our PT range provides small-increment adjustments and specifications built for therapists and patients so rehabilitation is truly customised for patient‘s uniqueness of age, size and physical capability. These all contribute to gait and symmetry improvements, quicker recovery, all at affordable prices.

PT Treadmill - 4.0 T

With lift motors located at the front and rear of the deck, the walking surface replicates true uphill and downhill exercise to incorporate different muscle groups and tendons than flat walking. Incline and decline adjusts in 0.5 percent increments to fine-tune the program. The handrails span the walking surface for improved balance and better user confidence.

PT Recumbent Stepper - 4.0 S

The linear resistance really helps to improve user’s arms and legs to gain critical strength and balance. The step depth ranges from 2.54 to 31.75 cms, which allows for shallower steps as well as far-reaching steps. Step range of depth is equal and reciprocal from one foot to the other.

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