Less daily strains for therapists

The needs of therapists finally listened to

The daily strains and stresses that physical therapists deal with have been increasing during the pandemic. So any way we can make it easier for therapists to do their job means your facility has better chances of providing the best possible patient care.

Our medical exercise equipment has been engineered with physical therapists' and caregivers' viewpoints. Our equipment truly reflects what they want and need to treat their patients more effectively.

In this newsletter, we’ve picked 5 ways that products from our MED and PT ranges really make a therapist’s daily tasks easier:

#1. A raised deck so that caregivers minimise back strain

Our medical treadmill includes a very useful deck lift that minimises strain for therapists. With it, they can help patients get onto the deck more safely, and it even displays step height measurements from the step platform to the deck.

Rehabilitation Treadmill - 7.0 T
The multi-functional, removable step provides a lower step-up height for people who need a bit more stability getting on and off the treadmill. It also serves as a platform for plyometric exercises and steps compliance.

#2. Clinicians can easily view workout data in real-time and for download

Displays workout data and large, bright LED windows make it easy for clinicians to view important workout data at a glance. Patients and clinicians can quickly see essential, real-time performance feedback. Recorded patients’ data is also available for clinicians to download, including metrics such as windows display time, rotations per minute, watts, calories, METs, heart rate, and power.

Rehabilitation Bike - 7.0 R

#3. Wheelchair accessibility for patients with limited mobility

The Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper (7.5 S) brings accessibility to wheelchair-bound patients while still providing a quality workout. It isfully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure accessibility for the widest range of disabilities. Its seat can be removed for direct wheelchair access as well as being able to be rotated and swivelled as needed for any user.

Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper - 7.5 S

#4. Clinicians can assign their patients a targeted heart rate zone

Heart rate-based programming is available at the touch of a button, with clinicians able to set their patients a targeted heart rate zone. The program then adjusts the resistance accordingly to stay in the zone.

PT Recumbent Bike - 4.0 R

#5. METs program for physical exercise

Our PT range has a METs program for physical exercise based on a prescribed target METs value. The program will automatically adjust the workload, or speed/incline on the equipment, to ensure the patient is consistently working at their preset METs value. This allows the therapistto empower the patient to be free from constantly adjusting their effortto maintain a prescribed MET level. This means a more enjoyable rehabilitation and better patient outcomes.

PT Treadmill - 4.0 T

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