Navigating the new world – continuing digitalconsultations alongside in-person appointments

Covid-19 changed many things over the last two years but one area it has radically transformed is the speed at which outpatient services such as physiotherapy have had to digitise. While this was absolutely necessary when we didn’t know as much as we do now about this infectious disease, the vaccine rollout has meant that we have been able to, on the whole, resume services as before.

Many workplaces have embraced the increased use of technology and moved towards a hybrid model of working and there’s no reason why physiotherapy as a service shouldn’t also use this to their advantage. Whilst there will always remain a need for in-person appointments, digital consultations definitely have a place in modern society.

Offering a flexible service means that physiotherapists are more likely to treat patients who are strapped for time and unable to take half a day off work to attend. Some patients may only be seeking advice that they can implement at home while others may find it simply more motivating to seek out therapy if they don’t have to physically attend.

One thing is for sure though, whist an in-person appointment is usually the best option in an ideal world, there is a significant population in the real world who might not seek out physiotherapy unless a digital offer was on the table. There is no need to stop at digital consultations either. The beauty of going online is that you can get as creative as you like! Other ways you could offer services are through online one-to-one classes, group exercise classes, and even things like how-to videos for common but minor ailments.

Whether you are seeing patients face to face or online, you need to make sure that you have the best equipment to hand. Our MED range of equipment will not only support your patient’s needs but also your needs. Designed with you in mind, our equipment comes with special features to make this range especially user-friendly and to ensure you remain safe in practice.

Premium quality however does not have to attract premium prices. We believe in accessibility and therefore provide exceptional value for money while delivering robust and heavy-duty equipment to you. If you’d like to find out more about how our full range of MED equipment can help you in practice, get in touch with our friendly team to talk through your specific requirements.

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