Patients will feel understood at your facility

Engineered from the patient's perspective

When you genuinely take the perspective of your patients and hear their everyday challenges during rehabilitation, you treat them more as unique individuals.

Our medical exercise equipment engineers have listened to patients to design products that make exercise accessible and enjoyable with:  

  • Welcoming, user-friendly equipment;
  • Programs and functionality that truly represent a patient's daily activities;
  • Fully customisable devices to match each patient's unique fitness and movement ability to speed up rehabilitation so they can live life to the full.

In this newsletter, we’ve picked 6 ways that products from our MED and PT ranges really take on a patient’s point of view.

No matter their physical mobility limitations, by feeling understood, patients become empowered to recover faster.

MED range -medically-certified inpatient products

Our MED range provides a holistic approach to rehabilitation. Patients unique needs can be identified to create customised treatment plans aimed to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability:

Steps increase stability and ease of access

The multi-functional rear step fully takes into account patients who want more stability in getting on and off the treadmill. It also doubles as a platform for plyometric exercises and step compliance

Rehabilitation Treadmill - 7.0 T

Patients feel fully supported with neurological pedals

Patients will welcome this bike’s neurological pedals accessories that enable exercise in the early stages of neurological rehabilitation. When a patient can control little of their lower extremities, these pedals provide adjustments in gait and cadence so any issues with pedalling correctly are supported.

Optional Neurological pedals

Accessories that provide support for severe instability

Our medical accessories for this bike and stepper provide patients with that sometimes much needed extra support to overcome severe instability. With their specially designed pedals, patients can isolate injured areas with our calf supports and wrist cuffs to continue exercise and even be challenged.

Rehabilitation Bike - 7.0 U

PT range - hospital-grade* rehabilitation for commercial use

The features in the PT range are on par with inpatient, hospital-grade machines. The price for this quality demonstrates a simply unbeatable level of value.

* PT range products are not medically certified

Seats and handlebars that provide more comfort and stability

Users will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride on this bike with features such as its accommodating handlebar and adjustable seating. The upward curvature of the bullhorn serves as a forearm rest. The oversized seat is ultra-padded for extra patient comfort and stability.

PT Upright Bike - 4.0 U

The little things make all the difference

Regular treadmills have neglected users’ needs for far too long. It's the little things that make all the difference, including features such as extended handrails, easy-access incline and decline, low starting speed and programs for a wide range of abilities.

PT Treadmill - 4.0 T

Optimal biomechanics with inverted foot pedals

The PT Recumbent Bike (4.0 R) has a low-step entry making users with limited mobility feel included. For a comfortable foot angle and cycling motion, pedals are inverted 2-degrees and feature optimal biomechanics.

PT Recumbent Bike - 4.0 R

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