Taking a holistic approach to patients with long COVID

While COVID measures continue to ease around the world, The number of COVID-19 cases in the WHO European Region has passed the milestone of 60 million. (https://www.euro.who.int/);  whilst many people are living with symptoms of long covid.

Symptoms of long COVID have been reported to adversely affect day-today activities with fatigue being reported as the most common symptom, followed by loss of smell, shortness of breath and difficulty concentrating.

Supporting people to live healthy and active lives is key to managing long COVID and requires a holistic approach – the National Health Service (NHS) in UK recommends focusing on the following three areas:

Usually a no-brainer for good health outcomes, we know it is likely to be incredibly difficult for patients to find the energy or motivation to work out but simple exercises focused on building muscle mass can help to make a big difference. We have a number of low-impact machines that are suitable for rehabilitation that can support patients towards better health.

Maximising physical activity requires a healthy diet – again, we know that fatigue can drive patients towards convenience foods that tend to be high in saturated fat and simple carbohydrates. A few simple changes to ensure protein is included in each meal can go a long way to support the building of lean muscle mass and it can be as simple as starting a meal with some hummus or ending it with a Greek yoghurt.

The frustration associated with long COVID combined with sleep deprivation will likely have a significantly negative impact on mental health, which we know adversely affects and slows down physical recovery. A healthy diet and exercise regime will support patients to have better sleep and mental health outcomes, as well as mindfulness activities and seeking out further mental health support from their health providers.

Taking a well-rounded and holistic approach to long COVID is the best way for patients to help themselves to feel better over time. We have a range of premium-quality exercise equipment that can support recovery and rehabilitation at affordable prices with industry-beating warranties.

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