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Medical-Certified Physical Therapy Becomes Affordable

It's frustrating sometimes as a physical therapist, isn't it? You want to provide your patients with the premium-level service you think everyone deserves.
In an ideal world, you would choose Durable Medical Equipment (DMEs) that are actually built for the purpose.
Capturing relevant data to tailor rehabilitation around important aspects, like symmetry and gait improvement.

Previously equipment with this level of analysis was complicated to operate and extremely expensive (we're talking over the 10,000 Euros barrier). That resulted in therapists having a hard time getting budget approval and making do with inferior products not fit for purpose.

• Here at Dyaco Medical, we exist to change this.
• For better patient outcomes and faster recovery times.
• Making your work as a physical therapist that much more rewarding.

Now Dyaco Medical has carefully designed, manufactured and offers an affordable range of medically-certified exercise solutions.
Our equipment supports therapists with test and exercise analysis data for daily neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, both for inpatient and outpatient phases.

• Data that is directly relevant for faster rehabilitation.
• Equipment that is affordable for care facilities.

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