How To Improve Inclusion For Better Patient Outcomes

How to improve inclusion for better patient outcomes

To better serve a wide range of patient backgrounds, your physical therapy equipment must be fit for purpose for a wide range of patients too. Thankfully Dyaco Medical physical therapy solutions support any patient, no matter their size, movement ability or stage of recovery. Here is just one example explaining how our products can help your facility cater to a wider range of patients and speed up their recovery in the process:

Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper - 7.5 S: This seated stepper’s removable seat provides direct wheelchair access. Now you can offer accessibility to wheelchair-bound patients while still providing a quality workout. This machine is fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ensure accessibility for the widest range of disabilities. To find out more ways to improve patient inclusion and provide better outcomes, download our brochure today.

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