Prevention is better than cure…  

Physiotherapy is a treatment we usually seek out after a strain or an injury has occurred and therefore by its very nature, tends to be a reactive service. Taking a reactive approach to physical health is a key part of the physiotherapist’s role but preventative measures really do help to complete a full circle of care for patients.

Many people often find themselves carrying out activities which carry the risk of injury such as beginning a new fitness regime, playing sports, working long hours at a desk, and working in jobs where lifting is required. Targeting these groups of people through preventative therapy would help to educate more people on the importance of physiotherapy, shift perception so that people seek out therapy as a preventative measure, and widen the scope of your practice, generally.

Some areas you might consider if you want to move towards expanding your preventative physiotherapy in practice include:

• Increasing your social media presence: it can feel like a minefield sometimes but social media really does help to widen reach and knowledge. Posting tips and showing people to prevent injury will help you to engage a wider audience, drive traffic to your own website, and influence people to seek out preventative physiotherapy. And the best bit? All you need is a camera phone!

•  Target local businesses: musculoskeletal problems accounted for over 15% of sickness days in the UK alone in 2020 – even more than Covid and the second main reason for work absence for much of the last decade. If you look closely around you – are there offices, warehouses and gyms nearby? Could you contact these businesses directly to offer preventative measures to support them towards lowering sick days?

• Corporate discounts: staying on the theme of local the local area – can you offer corporate discounts on consultations for those working nearby as a perk?

Whether you choose to take on some, all or none of these tips, one thing is clear. There is plenty of room for increasing the role of the physiotherapist in preventative healthcare. Make sure your practice is equipped with the best machines to support your patients to better health.

Rehabilitation Treadmill - 7.0T

Packed with features that reflect the true needs of physical therapists, this translates into patients feeling confident and comfortable in using this for their recovery in physical mobility.

MED Recumbent Bike - 7.0R

Large, bright LED windows are easy for patients and clinicians to view important workout data at a glance.

MED Recumbent Stepper - 7.0S

Rotate and adjust handles for comfortable hand position.

Rehabilitation Bike - 7.0U

Comfort is ensured for patients with features like its oversized, padded seat that can also be positioned with precision for an effective ride workout.

Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper - 7.5S

Accessibility to wheelchair-bound patients while still providing a quality workout.

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