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In the last couple of years, a wide range of neurological, cardiovascular, or musculoskeletal issues have emerged in all age ranges. Customised treatment plans aimed to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability for the patients are in high demand. Physiotherapists need to make sure that their practices are equipped with the most effective equipment, boasting the latest technology.

We are proud leaders in this industry. We have our own R&D team to ensure our designs exceed user expectations and are effective in helping patients get better, and faster while ensuring our products stay at the cutting edge of innovation. An example of this is our Rehabilitation Treadmill which has unique and exclusive specifications such as full-length adjustable parallel bars, locking belt, and true decline.

Premium quality however does not have to attract premium prices. We believe in accessibility and therefore provide exceptional value for money while delivering robust and heavy-duty equipment to you.

Our MED products will not only support your patient’s needs but also the needs of the therapist. Designed with you in mind, our equipment comes with special features to make this range especially user-friendly and to ensure you remain safe in practice.

We’re pleased to say that our MED range is medically certified which means our products have been rigorously tested and evaluated within the European Directive. As well as providing a range of quality assurances, this enables free trade movement within the 32 European states and also allows for insurance reimbursement in countries where equipment must be medically certified.

If you’d like to find out more about how our full range of MED equipment and how can better support you and your patients in practice, get in touch with our friendly team to talk through your specific requirements.

Rehabilitation Treadmill- 7.0T

Packed with features that reflect the true needs of physical therapists, this translates into patients feeling confident and comfortable in using this for their recovery in physical mobility.

MED Recumbent Bike 7.0R

Large, bright LED windows are easy for patients and clinicians to view important workout data at a glance.

MED Recumbent Stepper 7.0S

Rotate and adjust handles for comfortable hand position

Rehabilitation Bike - 7.0U

Comfort is ensured for patients with features like its oversized, padded seat that can also be positioned with precision for an effective ride workout.

Rehabilitation Recumbent Seated Stepper - 7.5S

Accessibility to wheelchair-bound patients while still providing a quality workout.

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